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NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY BAHRAIN – Kuwait Naval Force Col. Ebraheem Al-Dawai relieved Saudi Border Guard Capt. Ali bin Madi Al-Qahtani as commander of Combined Task Force (CTF) 152 during a ceremony at Naval Support Activity Bahrain, Sept. 2. Established in 2004, CTF 152 is one of three task forces operated by Combined Maritime Forces (CMF). CTF 152 enhances regional maritime cooperation by focusing on illicit non-state actors in the Arabian Gulf. “With the dynamic environment that we operate in, it is more important than ever that our strong coalitions endure and thrive,” said Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, commander of NAVCENT, U.S. 5th Fleet and CMF. Al-Qahtani served as the first commander of CTF 152 from the Saudi Border Guard and led a multinational staff of personnel from Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  “Captain Al-Qahtani blazed a historic trail for the Saudi Border Guard as it was the first time…

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The first two officers to represent Jordan in a Combined Maritime Forces’ (CMF) task force have returned to the multinational maritime coalition. Commander Mohannad Alnamat and Commander Derar Alhawamleh from the Royal Jordanian Navy both joined CMF as lieutenants in 2012, working under the tasking of the Combined Task Force (CTF) 152. Both have now returned to the organisation, working in roles within the CMF headquarters. At the time, CTF 152, which conducts maritime security operations in the Arabian Gulf, was led by the US Navy, with three positions within the headquarters being filled by regional naval forces including the Jordanian Navy and the Kuwait Coastguard. Fast forward to 2020, and until recently CTF 152 was under the command of the Royal Jordanian Navy, the third time since joining CMF in 2007 that the nation commanded a task force. In fact, it was during CDR Alnamat and CDR Alhawamleh’s time…

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Earlier this month, the commander of CTF 152, CAPT Ali Alqahtani, conducted visits to both the Royal Bahrain Naval Force (RBNF) and to the Bahrain Coast Guard (BCG). During his visit to the Royal Bahrain Naval Force, CAPT Alqahtani met with RADM Mohammed Yousif Al Asam, the RBNF Commander. It was a great opportunity for the two leaders to get to know each other better, and for CAPT Alqahtani to express his appreciation for RBNF’s enduring support to CTF 152 through continued participation in operations and exercises, as well as the providing of battle watch staff members. On a separate visit, CAPT Alqahtani met with the Bahrain Coast Guard (BCG) commander, Rear Admiral Ala’a Alsayadi. The two commanders discussed how they could continue to work together to maintain maritime security in the region, giving CAPT Alqahtani an opportunity to invite BCG personnel to attend the CTF 152 for the CENTRIXS secure…

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Two Saudi-led task forces within the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) celebrated National Saudi Day at their headquarters in Bahrain. Combined Task Force (CTF) 150, commanded by the Royal Saudi Naval Force, and CTF 152, commanded by the Saudi Border Guard, invited members of CMF to celebrate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 90th National Day with traditional dress, food and hospitality. Commander of CTF 150, Rear Admiral Sulieman Alfaqeeh, welcomed guests from a number of CMF’s 33 member nations including Deputy Commander of CMF, Commodore Dean Bassett, and the commander of CTF 151, Rear Admiral Nejat Inanir. “I am proud to celebrate this special occasion with so many of our partners from CMF,” said Rear Admiral Alfaqeeh. “This is the second time that the Royal Saudi Navy has commanded CTF 150, and this year it is particularly special to be celebrating National Saudi Day alongside our brothers from the Saudi Border…

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CAPT Ali Alqahtani of the Saudi Border Guard, Commander of Combined Task Force 152, was pleased to receive a visit from Commodore Dean Bassett Royal Navy, Deputy Commander of Combined Maritime Forces (DCCMF) last week.  Commodore Bassett visited the Task Force to welcome their new commander, Captain Alqahtani, as well as to wish the Saudi Border Guard team a happy National Day for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia later this week. The Saudi Border Guard and the Royal Saudi Naval Force make up two of the ten maritime forces currently providing personnel to the CTF 152 Staff.  

The Commander of CTF 152 and his team visited the US Coast Guard’s “Ship in a Box” facility in Bahrain last week. The facility, which is a mock-up of a dhow, allows the US Coast Guard and its partners to conduct training boarding exercises. “Maintaining maritime security in the Arabian Gulf is the main priority for CTF 152,” said Captain Al Qahtani, the Commander of the Combined Task Force. “It is a good opportunity for me and my team to work with our partners like the US Coast Guard towards the shared aim of deterring illicit maritime activity in the region.” CTF 152, which has recently handed over command to the Saudi Border Guard, exists to protect the waters inside the Arabian Gulf from non-state actors conducting illicit activities in the region.

Assistant to Commander of CMF for Regional Integration, Kuwait Coast Guard Captain Mubarak Al Sabah, recently visited CTF 152 to welcome the new Task Force Commander and congratulate him on his appointment. He was welcomed by CTF 152 Commander, CAPT Ali Alqahtani of the Saudi Border Guard, and his staff made up of Officers and Enlisted personnel from many of the regional partners. CAPT Ali expressed his gratitude for the visit as they discussed ways to continue the great cooperation already enjoyed by CTF 152 with the nine countries that routinely provide manpower and ships at sea in support of ongoing maritime security operations in the Arabian Gulf. CAPT Mubarak, a former Commander of CTF 152 himself, expressed admiration for the distinguished level of support, confirming that he would continue to keep the lines of communication open between all GCC contributors of support to CTF 152.

With its members ranging from New Zealand to the USA and time zones differing by 18 hours – it’s time for the Combined Maritime Forces to wish its 31 member nations, allies, supporting friends, families and serving personnel, past and present, a very Happy New Year 2017.

Today’s photo of the day is of Commander, CTF 152 Colonel Adbelkader Almarahleh Royal Jordanian Navy hosting his Combined Maritime Forces CTF 150 counterpart Commodore Haydn Edmundson Royal Canadian Navy, at the CTF 152 headquarters in Bahrain. Discussion topics included increasing collaboration between the two task forces and exploring opportunities for future operations. استقبل قائد القوة حفظ الواجب المشتركة (CTF 152) العقيد عبدالقادر المراحلة من القوة البحرية الملكية الاردنية قائد قوة حفظ الواجب المشتركة(CTF150) العقيد هايدن ادمونسون من البحرية الكندية وذلك في مقر القيادة بمملكة البحرين. خلال المقابلة قام الطرفان مناقشة سبل تطوير التعاون وإمكانية تنفيد عمليات مشتركة بين القيادتين.