Colonel Alasker presents a CTF 152 crest

Commander Combined Task Force (CCTF) 152 Colonel Nayef Alasker has met with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy and Coast Guard to discuss the challenges faced during maritime security operations in the Arabian Gulf.

Colonel Alasker met with Director of Naval Operations General Abdula Al-Shahi and Commander Salem Al-Kendi of the Coastguard (CG) and spoke about the operations they carry out on a regular basis and topics such as charcoal smuggling in the Gulf

CCTF 152 has not visited the UAE Navy and CG since November 2015 and CCTF saw it as a good opportunity to develop the relationship and discuss the future.  Charcoal smuggling funds terrorist activities and the undermining of local economies. Consequently, events at sea can have a direct effect on security and prosperity in a home nation.

Colonel Alsasker said: “This was a great opportunity to meet with the Director of the UAE Navy to discuss the challenges we face.  CTF 152 has a good relationship with them and they always welcome us warmly.”

CTF 152 is part of Combined Maritime Forces (CMF).  The world is increasingly interconnected; trade, travel, energy, communication and crime are global forces, free from the constraints of national borders.  Consequently, events at sea can have a direct effect on security and prosperity in a home nation.

CMF was created post 9/11 to help counter the threat from international terrorism but the mission was later expanded to include counter piracy operations.

Commanded from its headquarters in Bahrain, CMF operates three Combined Task Forces (CTFs) across the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Somali Basin, Northern Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Gulf, covering nearly 3.2 million square miles of ocean bordered by 21 countries.

CTF 152 was established in 2004, the CTF 152 area of responsibility is one of the most globally significant and geographically constrained regions.  The Arabian Gulf contains over 1,000 oil and energy installations and other critical pieces of infrastructure, such as desalination plants and port facilities.  As such, the Bahrain-based CTF152 staff is drawn mainly from GCC nations, supported by CMF personnel and assets

CTF 152 coordinates Maritime Security Operations in the region, facilitating cooperation and interoperability between regional maritime forces.