Earlier this month, the commander of CTF 152, CAPT Ali Alqahtani, conducted visits to both the Royal Bahrain Naval Force (RBNF) and to the Bahrain Coast Guard (BCG).

During his visit to the Royal Bahrain Naval Force, CAPT Alqahtani met with RADM Mohammed Yousif Al Asam, the RBNF Commander.

It was a great opportunity for the two leaders to get to know each other better, and for CAPT Alqahtani to express his appreciation for RBNF’s enduring support to CTF 152 through continued participation in operations and exercises, as well as the providing of battle watch staff members.

On a separate visit, CAPT Alqahtani met with the Bahrain Coast Guard (BCG) commander, Rear Admiral Ala’a Alsayadi.

The two commanders discussed how they could continue to work together to maintain maritime security in the region, giving CAPT Alqahtani an opportunity to invite BCG personnel to attend the CTF 152 for the CENTRIXS secure communication training, as well as to continue participation in CTF 152’s scheduled operations and exercises.

Bahrain has always been an important regional partner to CTF 152 through information sharing, providing ships at sea, hosting the Combined Maritime Forces Headquarters, and twice commanding CTF 152, the regional task force responsible for providing maritime security operations throughout the Arabian Gulf.