Two Saudi-led task forces within the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) celebrated National Saudi Day at their headquarters in Bahrain.

Combined Task Force (CTF) 150, commanded by the Royal Saudi Naval Force, and CTF 152, commanded by the Saudi Border Guard, invited members of CMF to celebrate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 90th National Day with traditional dress, food and hospitality.

Commander of CTF 150, Rear Admiral Sulieman Alfaqeeh, welcomed guests from a number of CMF’s 33 member nations including Deputy Commander of CMF, Commodore Dean Bassett, and the commander of CTF 151, Rear Admiral Nejat Inanir.

“I am proud to celebrate this special occasion with so many of our partners from CMF,” said Rear Admiral Alfaqeeh. “This is the second time that the Royal Saudi Navy has commanded CTF 150, and this year it is particularly special to be celebrating National Saudi Day alongside our brothers from the Saudi Border Guard.”

L-R) Commander of CTF 150, Rear Admiral Alfaqeeh of the Royal Saudi Navy, and Commander of CTF 152, Captain Ali Alqahtani of the Saudi Border Guard celebrate National Saudi Day together.

CTF 152, commanded by Captain Ali Alqahtani, also took part in the celebration: “As the first time that the Saudi Border Guard has led a CMF task force, today is a really special day for me and my team,” said Captain Alqahtani.

Members of CMF’s 33 nation coalition celebrate National Saudi Day

The Combined Maritime Forces is a multi-national coalition based in Bahrain, which aims to maintain maritime security and stability by countering illicit non-state activities including piracy, terrorism, and narcotics and weapon smuggling. CTF 150 is charged with conducting maritime security operations in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Oman, and CTF 152 conducts maritime security operations inside the Gulf.

“Operating across approximately 3.2 million square miles of international waters, partnership is at the heart of everything CMF stands for,” said Commodore Bassett.”