Assistant to Commander of CMF for Regional Integration, Kuwait Coast Guard Captain Mubarak Al Sabah, recently visited CTF 152 to welcome the new Task Force Commander and congratulate him on his appointment. He was welcomed by CTF 152 Commander, CAPT Ali Alqahtani of the Saudi Border Guard, and his staff made up of Officers and Enlisted personnel from many of the regional partners.

CAPT Ali expressed his gratitude for the visit as they discussed ways to continue the great cooperation already enjoyed by CTF 152 with the nine countries that routinely provide manpower and ships at sea in support of ongoing maritime security operations in the Arabian Gulf.

CAPT Mubarak, a former Commander of CTF 152 himself, expressed admiration for the distinguished level of support, confirming that he would continue to keep the lines of communication open between all GCC contributors of support to CTF 152.