The Combined Maritime Forces’ counter-piracy task force CTF 151 visited the US Coast Guard Patrol Force Southwest Asia Facility called “The Ship in a Box”.

Ship in a Box is a mockup of a dhow inside an air conditioned warehouse facility, used to train ship boarding teams how to conduct Vessel Board Search and Seize (VBSS) procedures. Although the search and seize function is mainly aimed at finding contraband, a lot of the techniques can be applied to recovering hijacked ships.

The Combined Maritime Forces work with regional and international partners to conduct maritime security and counter piracy operations against non-state actors in the region.

During the visit, the US Coast Guard’s Patrol Forces Southwest Asia Commander, Captain Willie L. Carmichael demonstrated their capabilities, equipment and training opportunities available to the crews of CMF member nations.

CTF 151 Commander, Rear Admiral Nejat Inanir said: “This facility is a good opportunity for CMF member nations to train their crew for Maritime Security and Counter Piracy Operations.”

Rear Admiral Inanir and his staff observe the capabilities of “The Ship in a Box”

Capt. Carmichael also expressed the US Coast Guard’s readiness level of all training conducted in the facility, as well as their support to operations and nations in the region. The US Coast Guard also provides training flexibility according to the request from other nations.

“I look forward to CTF 151 working with “The Ship in a Box” more in the future” said RADM Inanir.