The first two officers to represent Jordan in a Combined Maritime Forces’ (CMF) task force have returned to the multinational maritime coalition.

Commander Mohannad Alnamat and Commander Derar Alhawamleh from the Royal Jordanian Navy both joined CMF as lieutenants in 2012, working under the tasking of the Combined Task Force (CTF) 152. Both have now returned to the organisation, working in roles within the CMF headquarters.

At the time, CTF 152, which conducts maritime security operations in the Arabian Gulf, was led by the US Navy, with three positions within the headquarters being filled by regional naval forces including the Jordanian Navy and the Kuwait Coastguard.

Fast forward to 2020, and until recently CTF 152 was under the command of the Royal Jordanian Navy, the third time since joining CMF in 2007 that the nation commanded a task force. In fact, it was during CDR Alnamat and CDR Alhawamleh’s time at CMF in 2012 that the Saudi Border Guard, which now commands the task force, was introduced to CMF, before joining the coalition in 2013.

Combined Task Force 152 at the CMF headquarters in 2013

“It is good to see regional forces such as the Royal Jordanian Navy and the Saudi Border Guard commanding Combined Task Force 152,” said Cdr Alhawamleh. “The role of the task force is to enhance regional maritime cooperation, and having regional partners as fundamental members of the team is key to its success.”

Historically, the CMF task force rotated its headquarters to the country in command, however 2012 was the first year that CTF 152 was permanently based in the US Naval Support Activity in Bahrain, where it remains today.

“It’s great to see how much CTF 152 has grown since we were originally here in 2012,” said Cdr Alnamat. “Returning to Bahrain after all this time is a great feeling, CMF really is a second home to me.”

Cdr Alnamat has returned to CMF as Jordan’s Senior Naval Representative (SNR), supporting Jordan’s personnel who support the organisation.

Commander Mohannad Alnamat

“From being the only two Jordanian officers in CTF 152 eight years ago, I’m proud to see that we now have representatives from my country serving in the combined task forces, as well as in the CMF headquarters,” he said.

“My previous involvement in CTF 152 means I can use the experience and knowledge in my current role as SNR, helping to develop other officers so they can return home stronger, with more experience and with long-lasting friendships,” Cdr Alnamat added.

Meanwhile Cdr Alhawamleh has returned to Bahrain as CMF’s Regional Cooperation Officer (RCO).

Commander Derar Alhawamleh

“Serving in CMF in 2012 was a golden opportunity for me to represent my country in a multinational organisation and to add a new experience to my career,” he said. “It provided me with all the tools to work closely with other regional navies and coast guards, something that paved the way for my return as CMF’s Regional Cooperation Officer.

“I am very proud of my country’s contribution to the Combined Maritime Forces since joining; the rainbow of nations, and our shared commitment to maintaining maritime security, is what makes CMF unique.”