This week the Senior Enlisted members of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) met together for CMF’s latest Senior Enlisted Leadership Forum.

Senior Enlisted Leadership Forum group photo
Some of the attendees at the latest Senior Enlisted Leadership Forum.

The event, which was attended by 25 members representing a number of CMF’s 33 member countries’ naval, coast guard, and border guard forces, was an opportunity for individuals to meet with their counterparts from other partner nations. The forum discussed the multinational and multicultural make-up of CMF, as well as future enlisted leadership opportunities including the building of an enlisted professional development program.

The forum was organised by Command Master Chief Lucas Pullen of the US Coast Guard, the Command Senior Enlisted Leader for CMF. “Today’s meeting was an opportunity for all of CMF’s Senior Enlisted personnel to come together, and to talk as friends and as colleagues about the important work that they do to contribute to the shared CMF missions,” said CMC Pullen. Enlisted personnel are non-commissioned officers (NCOs) who support CMF in a number of leadership and technical positions.

“Working closely with our counterparts from CMF’s member nations is really important in order to share information and ideas, helping CMF develop as an organization,” said Commodore Dean Bassett, Deputy Commander of CMF. “Celebrating leadership at every level is fundamental to our success.”
CMC Pullen hopes to host a number of Senior Enlisted forums over the coming months to continue strengthening the partnership between our member nations.