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MANAMA, Bahrain – For the second time in 10 days, United Kingdom Royal Navy warship HMS Montrose (F236) interdicted a stateless fishing vessel transporting illegal drugs in the Gulf of Oman, Jan. 24. Montrose was conducting a counter-narcotics patrol when it seized 150 kilograms of heroin, 250 kilograms of methamphetamine and 665 kilograms of hashish worth a total estimated U.S. street value of $18 million. “This seizure is a manifestation of the resolve and commitment of surface and air assets supporting Combined Maritime Forces to suppress and deter illicit activities at sea,” said Pakistan Navy Commodore Vaqar Muhammad, commander of Combined Task Force 150, one of three task forces under Combined Maritime Forces. Combined Maritime Forces is the largest multinational naval partnership in the world. The organization includes 34 nations and is headquartered in Bahrain with U.S. Naval Forces Central Command and U.S. 5th Fleet.

MANAMA, Bahrain – A United Kingdom Royal Navy frigate seized 1,041 kilograms of illegal drugs while transiting international waters during a counter-narcotics patrol in the Gulf of Oman, Jan. 15. HMS Montrose (F236) was operating as part of an international task force called Combined Task Force (CTF) 150, which has increased regional patrols to locate and disrupt unlawful maritime activity. CTF 150 is one of three task forces under Combined Maritime Forces. Montrose seized 663 kilograms of heroin, 87 kilograms of methamphetamine and 291 kilograms of hashish and marijuana worth a combined U.S. street value estimated at $26 million. “Our relentless efforts have resulted in a substantial seizure of illegal narcotics and I am extremely proud of my team,” said Cmdr. Claire Thompson, Montrose’s commanding officer. “Our enduring presence never wanes.” Montrose has been operating in the region since 2019 from Bahrain and periodically rotates its crew.   “Nine rotations…

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Marines Band Corps of Drums
Cdre Warrender with Naval Reservists from the UK, Germany, Canada, France and Australia

Deputy Commander Combined Maritime Forces (DCCMF) Commodore (Cdre) William Warrender of the Royal Navy has met with Reservists under his command from five different countries.

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The Pakistan Navy has now taken over CTF 150 and after a busy four months the Royal Navy contingent has headed home…. Here’s what they achieved……

Royal Marines practice there Close Quarters Battle drills

HMS Defender’s boarding teams have taken advantage of the United States Coast Guard Training Facility in Bahrain this month.

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