LTJG Mohammad Sawalma from the Royal Jordanian Navy, Assistant Training and Strategic Communications Officer at Combined Task Force 152 (CTF 152), has been recognized by CDR Omar Alodat, Commander of CTF 152 for his great work during his six month deployment to Bahrain.

LTJG Mohammad taught 10 courses totaling 70 students, providing information for the use of the CENTRIXS communication system used to allow secure communications between CTF 152 and the regional maritime forces.  This ability contributed greatly to the many accomplishments of the Task Force’s mission, and assisted in promoting regional cooperation and a secure maritime environment which remained safe for all mariners in the Arabian Gulf.

LTJG Mohammad Sawalma was also recognised by the Commander of CTF 150.

LTJG Mohammad stated “I’m so glad to finalize my work with a lot of appreciation for CCTF 152 CDR Omar Alodat from the Royal Jordanian Naval Forces, and CCTF 150 RADM Sulaiman al Fakeeh, of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces, for the students who worked hard to learn the CENTRIXS system, as well as the PAO Officers from the Royal Navy who were my colleagues in publishing the great work of CTF 152.

Colleagues from the Royal Navy also congratulated LTJG Sawalma for his hard work

“It’s a good opportunity now to have friends from the many navies in the world who make up the rainbow coalition operating from Bahrain.”