After leading CMF’s Combined Task Force 152 for six months, the Jordanian-led team prepares to hand over command of the task force to the Saudi Border Guard.

The Task Force is a true rainbow coalition, made up of personnel from no less than eight regional and international navies and coastguards. It also included Jordan’s first female to deploy with the Navy overseas. Commander Omar Alodat, who has led CTF 152 for six of the 12 months that the Royal Jordanian Navy has been in command, said: “Lieutenant Commander Samera Also’ub is a true pioneer, not just for the Jordanian navy, but for all women in the military.”

CTF 152 operates inside the Arabian Gulf where it coordinates Maritime Security Operations with regional partners, remaining prepared to respond to any crisis involving illicit non-state actors which may develop.

During the past six months, CTF 152 has battled Covid-19 restrictions whilst maintaining operational output, inducing a score of new battle watchkeepers, building capacity within the GCC maritime forces and giving young sailors a taste of coalition operations.

Last week CTF 152 said goodbye to staff members from the Royal Navy and the United Arab Emirates Navy. The individuals contributed enormously to theaccomplishments of CMF and CTF 152 through their work in helping to coordinate and execute CTF 152’s focused operations, joint patrols, regional maritime exercises and the daily conduct of maritime security throughout the Arabian Gulf Area of Operation.

Reflecting on his command of CTF 152, CDR Alodat said: “It has been a great honour and indeed a privilege to command CTF 152, and I will leave the headquarters here with some great memories and some ideas to take forward into the Royal Jordanian Naval Force.”