After almost two years as Commander of the Combined Maritime Forces, CMF members from 33 nations bid farewell to Vice Admiral Jim Malloy today. 

In preparation for his departure from Bahrain, a country where he has spent almost 15 years of his life, VADM Malloy met with all of the Senior Naval Representatives and CTF commanders to wish them a personal goodbye. 

VADM J Malloy met with the Combined Task Force commanders

“Over my four tours here I have made lifelong friends – Bahraini, Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti, French, British, and many, many more from countless other nations,” VADM said in his handover speech today. 

(L-R) Capt G Aufiero, Capt M Manfield, VADM J Malloy, Cdr J McQueen

During a recent visit to CTF 152, VADM Malloy reflected on the special work that the CMF task forces have done during his tenure as Commander: “When you go home, tell your officers, your friends, your family, what you have done here. Because it’s special, and it matters.”

VADM J Malloy addresses members of CTF 152 during a recent visit

Providing leadership, guidance and support throughout his tenure, the CTF commanders, alongside representatives from the 33-nation coalition, have taken the opportunity to bid VADM Malloy fair winds and following seas as he leaves Bahrain and continues with the next chapter in his career. 

“CMF continues to stand out as a shining example of a true and enduring coalition of the willing,” said VADM Malloy in his final words as Commander. 

“As we say in CMF – “Ready, Together” – we are significantly stronger when we leave politics on the shore, combine our strengths and sail together.”