The Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Counter Piracy Combined Task Force (CTF) 151 will be conducting Operation HAKA, a Counter Piracy Operation in the Gulf of Aden /Socotra Gap over the period 16-23 November 2018. This will be conducted as part of the Kuwait-led CTF 151’s enduring mission to counter piracy, and contribute to wider maritime security in the region.

20181120-Ikazuchi DD107 with the US Navy aircraft carrier, USS George Washington

The JS ship Ikazuchi operating with the US Navy carrier USS George Washington previously.

During Operation HAKA, there will be an increased Naval presence, with a corresponding increase in counter piracy activities. The aims of HAKA are to deter and disrupt piracy, enhance information exchange between counter piracy stakeholders, and engage with regional partners and local mariners.

20181120-CTF151 Ikazuchi file

JS Ikazuchi

The continued successful suppression of piracy depends on a number of stakeholders, including the merchant shipping community itself, being able to work together as part of the overall counter piracy system.   Some of the activities that will occur during HAKA include; counter piracy patrols, Maritime Awareness Calls (MAC), exercising of response options, engagement with local mariners and collection of Pattern of Life (POL) information.

Captain Richard Walker of the Royal New Zealand Navy is the Deputy Commander of CTF151. He said: “Operation HAKA seeks to strengthen interoperability among counter-piracy stakeholders and further promote maritime security in the region. It’s all about building partnerships and working together to increase maritime security and suppress piracy.”