The Commander of CTF 152, Capt Saleh Alfrodary Kuwait Coast Guard and three members of his staff, made a flying visit to HMS DRAGON. The British Type 45 Destroyer will spend some time in support of the task force responsible for security in the Gulf while she is deployed to the Middle East.


Captain Saleh K.C.G. and Commander Michael Carter-Quinn on the jetty with HMS Dragon

The team from CTF 152 flew to the ship in HMS Dragon’s Wildcat helicopter from Bahrain. During the sortie they were given a demonstration of the aircraft’s capabilities. Once onboard, they were met by the Commanding Officer, Commander Michael Carter-Quinn RN and the ship’s Executive Officer  and Executive Warrant Officer. Over breakfast the commanders discussed the last CTF 152 Focus Operation, SABAH and the role played by HMS Dragon. They also talked about opportunities where Dragon could work for the Task Force in the future.

20181111-CTF152 DRAGON HELO

Captain Saleh K.C.G. in HMS Dragon’s Wildcat Helicopter with the ship in the background.

Captain Saleh was given a tour of the ship, where he was shown the operations room, which is the nerve centre of the ship, the ship’s control centre and the engine room. He then observed the ship coming alongside from the view point of the bridge and was impressed with the level of organization and calmness of the crew.

Once alongside, the commanders exchanged gifts and baseball caps. Captain Alfrodary then thanked Commander Carter-Quinn, for receiving him and his staff onboard:

“It was a real honour to visit HMS Dragon today, I was very impressed by the crew’s professionalism, knowledge of the role of CTF152 and I hope to work together again soon. I will wear my HMS Dragon baseball hat with pride.”

20181111-CTF152 DRAGON HATS

Captain Saleh K.C.G. and Commander Michael Carter-Quinn RN wearing exchanged baseball caps

Captain Saleh was then piped ashore as is the tradition within the Royal Navy, before a final farewell and a photograph was taken by the ship’s bow.