Captain Alfodary, of the Kuwait Coast Guard, the Commanding Officer of Combined Task Force (CTF) 152 and his staff met with the officers and crew of USS Hurricane and USCGC Adak, alongside in Bahrain. The meeting reinforced the importance of a close relationship between CTF 152, responsible for ensuring maritime security in the Gulf, and the units of Task Force 55, responsible for surface units of the US 5th Fleet. US Navy patrol boats and US Coast Guard cutters regularly provide support to CTF 152 operations in conjunction with regional navies.

20181106-CTF152 VISIT USCGC

Capt Saleh K.C.G. (centre) and his staff meet with the Commanding Officer of USGCC Adak.

Whilst aboard he learned about the capabilities of the vessels, ranging from the weapons at their disposal to the powerful engines. This not only permitted greater awareness of the tactical considerations for employing these units, but also put a human face to the sailors who are usually at the end of the phone or email instead.

20181106-CTF152 VISIT USN


Capt Saleh K.C.G. (centre) and his staff meet with the Commanding Officer of USS Hurricane.

Capt Alfodary said after the visit:

“I was delighted to meet today with our American colleagues, and learn more about their vessels and everyday life on board. As CCTF 152, they provide invaluable support to our ongoing mission, which we will continue to achieve through cooperation and communication.”