The Italian Ship Federico Martinengo visited Mina Salman Port in Bahrain recently.  Previously, she had been on operations in the Gulf of Aden and Somali Basin conducting anti-piracy operations.

20181029 ITS Federico Martinengo


While in Bahrain, the Command team met with staff from Combined Maritime Forces (CMF). This is a 33 nation coalition is responsible for maintaining freedom of navigation, conducting anti-piracy patrols and the prevention of smuggling within the waters of the Middle East. During the visit, ITS Martinengo Command team attended briefings and called on the CMF’s Commander responsible for anti-Piracy in the Gulf of Aden and Somali Basin, Commander Combined Task Force 151 (CCTF 151). Discussions included the shared concerns for Maritime Security, the importance of working together, and opportunities for international cooperation. On completion both ITS Martinengo and CTF151 exchanged gifts. Staff from CMF also attended a formal reception on board the Federico Martinengo, where they met the officers and sailors of the Italian ship.


Staff from CMF onboard ITS Federico Martinengo at the reception.

ITS Federico Martinengo is working for the European Union’s anti-piracy force EU NAVFOR’s Operation Atlanta as part of Task Force 465 (TF 465).  The meetings with CMF and CTF 151 reinforced the good relationship between the two organisations. During the calls the new cooperation concept of Operation Atlanta was discussed. Additionally, a further meeting between the Commanding Officer of ITS Martinengo and CCTF 151 in Dubai was confirmed. The Commanding Officer of ITS Martinengo said:

“It is very important to develop cooperation with CMF. For anti-piracy operations we are very happy to share information and coordinate assets employment”.


Staff from the counter piracy CTF151 with crew from the Italian Ship Federico Martinego 

The 7000 tonnes frigate had previously visited Djibouti where her command team met with the delegation from the Japanese Ship Ikazuchi.  The Japanese ship is part of CTF151 and had been conducting anti-piracy patrols in the same area. Here the two staffs discussed cooperation between EU NAVFOR and CMF.


Exchange of gifts between Captain Ali Alrashidi and Commander Andrea Quondamatteo

The Italian ship also visited the Seychelles to discuss how the islanders’ maritime patrol aircraft can be utilized in the most effective way to prevent piracy and work with surface ships such as the ITS Martinengo.

Captain Luigi Mazzeo, the senior Italian officer working for CMF said:

“It is fantastic and honor to have the Italian Ship Federico Martinengo visit us in Bahrain.  Although not operating as part of CMF, as a member of EU NAVFOR she has conducted some vital patrols and escort duties in the difficult part of the world. Our work and discussions with the Japanese ship Ikazuchi has been vital in making us both more effective. Together, EU NAVFOR and CMF are making the seas a safer place for lawful mariners.”

20181029 ITS Federico Martinengo with Dhow

Its Federico Martinengo with a dhow

20181029 ITS Federico Martinengo Alongside USNS Laramie.