Commander Combined Task Force 151 (CTF 151), Captain Ali Alrashidi and Captain Alfodhary, the Commander Combined Task Force 152 (CTF 152) were recently received by Brigadier Alaa Siyadi, Commander of the Bahrain Coast Guard.

The meeting reinforced the importance of maintaining a close relationship between the two CTFs and the coast guard, as they all contribute to promoting maritime security in the region. CTF 151 is primarily responsible for counter piracy operations, and CTF 152 operates in the Arabian Gulf ensuring maritime security and the prevention of terrorism in the Arabian Gulf. All three organisations aim to keep the sea lanes of communication open for the passage of law-abiding trade.

Brigadier Alaa Siyadi reiterated the commitment of the Bahrain Coast Guard to support the CTF 151 and 152 missions and confirmed participation of observers in an upcoming CTF 152 multinational exercise in the Gulf. This exercise will see 17 ships from 8 counties working together to further enhance maritime security within the Gulf.

Captain Ali Alrashidi and Brigadier Alaa Siyadi agreed on a number of initiatives to improve the alignment between the Bahrain Coast Guard and CTF 151, including greater information exchange and opportunities for personnel exchanges.

Capt Alfodhary said after the visit:“It is always good to meet one’s host and exchange ideas. Both of our organisations want a safe Gulf where legal trade can move safely, and illegal activity is stopped. The Bahrain Coast Guard is a great friend: they know these waters well and will help us in our task.”
20181023 - KLE 151 AND 152 BAHRAIN

From left to right are: LCDR Hamad Almulla from CTF 151, CAPT Michael Bacher, CAPT Ali Alrashidi Commander CTF 151,  Brigadier Alaa Siyadi, Captain Alfodhary and members of the Bahraini Coastguard.

20181023 - KLE 151 AND 152 BAHRAIN 2

Captain Ali Alrashidi presents a gift to Brigadier Alaa Siyadi


20181023 - KLE 151 AND 152 BAHRAIN 3

Brigadier Alaa Siyadi, (right) receives a gift from Captain Alfodhary, to commemorate the visit.