Captain Alfodary, of the Kuwait Coast Guard, the Commanding Officer of Combined Task Force (CTF) 152 and his staff were recently received by Admiral Saeed Alnuhayan, Commander UAE naval forces. The meeting reinforced the importance of a close relationship between CTF 152, responsible for ensuring maritime security in the Gulf, and her key regional partners.

20181101-CCTF152 UAE KLE

Admiral Alnuhuan (right) with Capt Alfodary

Capt Alfodary extended the regards of Vice Admiral Stearney, Commander Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and his Deputy, Commodore Dainton. The focus of the meeting was to enhance Maritime Security Operations (MSO) in the Gulf and increase information sharing between CTF 152 and UAE naval forces. Additionally, UAE were invited to attend information technology and communication courses run by CTF 152, and to continue integration of watch-keepers from UAE to CTF 152.

Admiral Alnuhayan reiterated the commitment of the UAE in supporting CTF 152 missions and confirmed participation of observers in an upcoming multinational exercise in the Gulf.  Capt Alfohary said after the visit: “This was a successful meeting and I look forward to following up on the points raised, to build on the strong relationship enjoyed by CTF 152 and the UAE navy.”