Commodore Hassan Alsharani of the Royal Saudi Navy and Commander of CTF150, CMF’s counter-terrorist force visited the Egyptian Naval Force HQ recently to discuss maritime security operations in the Red Sea and increase interoperability between the two parties.


Vice Admiral Ahmad Khalid (right) receives a gift from Commodore Hassan Alsharani to commemorate the visit.

In a positive meeting with Vice Admiral Ahmad Khalid, Head of the Egyptian Naval Force, relations between CMF and Egypt were strengthened as they seek to work more closely together to combat illicit activities in the region. Egypt are looking to become the 34th member of the Combined Maritime Forces, after Brazil joined in August this year. Egypt is geographically well placed to assist CMF with both counter piracy and counter terrorist operations and their Naval Forces have contributed to a number of exercises recently. Next year will see the start of International Maritime Exercise 2019, with the Egyptian Naval Force expected to work closely with CMF assets


Cdre Alsharani and VAdm Khalid discuss how information sharing will improve maritime security in the region.

Vice Admiral Khalid said: “We are ready for full cooperation with the CMF. We have completed most of the steps to be a full member of CMF to achieve maritime security in the region.”