This week, MCPO Roberto Frisenda, of the Italian Marina Militare has been recognized as the CMF Member in the Spotlight.

The CMF Member in the Spotlight is a monthly accolade awarded to members of staff who have demonstrated outstanding service to their colleagues and senior officers throughout the period.

MCPO Frisenda, CMF’s N2 Operations Assistant, has been selected due to the exemplary and diligent service he has provided to the running of the CMF HQ watch floor throughout his six months at CMF.

His leadership and determination have greatly contributed to the overall ability of CMF to continue operations with full N2 support as he rapidly undertook the work load, learning new jobs in order to fill positions affected by travel restrictions brought about by COVID-19.

MCPO Frisenda has constantly studied to improve his English speaking abilities, becoming very fluent. He has been required to step outside of his comfort zone regularly in order to better support the overall CMF HQ staff and the three Combined Task Forces.

CMF’s Command Master Chief, Lucas Pullen from the US Coast Guard, said: “MCPO Frisenda has been an amazing addition to the CMF “Chief’s Mess”. In a very senior level organization with predominately officers, he has distinguished himself as a very knowledgeable and determined individual who leads through actions.”

CMF is am very proud to recognize Master Chief Roberto Frisenda as the CMF “Member in the Spotlight”. Well done Roberto!