Last week Commander of Combined Task Force 151, RADM Nejat Inanir, Turkish Naval Forces, received the outgoing commander of Combined Task Force 152, CDR Omar Alodat, Royal Jordanian Naval Force, to say goodbye following his successful six month deployment to Bahrain. Both commanders have commanded task forces of Combined Maritime Force (CMF) which work tirelessly to support the safe use of the high seas for all mariners in the region.

RADM Inanir thanked CDR Omar Alodat for his visit, and the RJNF’s continued service to CMF. He said: “We wish you a safe return to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan after your accomplished mission of completing many maritime operations in the region.”

CDR Alodat expressed his happiness with CTF 151’s ongoing efforts to deter, disrupt and suppress piracy and armed robbery at sea, and to engage with regional and other partners to strengthen relevant capabilities in order to protect global maritime commerce and secure freedom of navigation.

During the same week, RADM AL-Faqeeh of the Royal Saudi Naval Force, commander of CTF 150 also welcomed CDR Alodat to their headquarters.

RADM AL-Fakeeh thanked CDR Omar Alodat for his visit and the Royal Jordanian Naval Force’s service to CMF: “I would particularly like to express my gratitude to CDR Alodat and his team for the CTF 152 contribution the training of CTF 150 staff.”

CDR Omar Alodat was appreciative of the warm sendoffs from both task force commanders: “I have enjoyed working with our Combined Task Force 150 and 151 partners and I am hugely grateful for their support”.