The new Commander of the Combined Task Force 151, RADM Nejat Inanir, Turkish Navy, recently visited CTF 152 to be welcomed to the region by CCTF152 Commander Omar Alodat and his staff. 

RADM Inanir will lead Combined Task Force 151 with his crew until the end of the year. Their mission is primarily counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden and Northern Indian Ocean, where piracy remains a threat. Illegal, unlicensed fishing and the aftereffects of locust plagues mean that the root causes of piracy remain. 

CTF152’s mission is to conduct maritime security operations inside the Gulf in order to protect regional and international freedom of the seas and navigation.  The theme for both task forces remains that of a coalition of the willing as the seas are too big an area for one nation to successfully police alone.

CDR Omar Alodat expressed his gratitude for RADM Inanir’s visit to CTF152 and said: “I wish him every success in leading CTF151 and I look forward to working alongside him in CMF.”