On Wednesday 15th May Commodore Steve Dainton, UK Maritime Component Commander and Deputy Commander of Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), held an Iftar alongside the UK Naval Support Facility hosting friends and colleagues from a wide number of partner nations across the region, as well as His Excellency Simon Martin CMG, the UK Ambassador to Bahrain.

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Imam Asim Hafiz OBE, the UK Chief of Defence Staff’s Islamic Advisor, conducted the ceremony saying: “Hosting an Iftar party is an honour and something that governments all around the world routinely do for their Muslim citizens.” He added “I have been honoured to have led this ceremony and prayers with our naval brethren here in Bahrain”.

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Members of the Royal Navy’s United Kingdom Maritime Component Command (UKMCC), UK Naval Support Facility and the crews of HMS SHOREHAM and HMS BROCKLESBY attended the event with invited members of the Royal Bahrain Naval Force (RBNF) and the Combined Maritime Forces.

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The Iftar meal, the breaking of the Ramadan fast at the end of each day, starts at sunset with a short prayer, followed by a sociable meal with friends and family.

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Commodore Dainton said: “It is such an honour to hold this event and join our friends and colleagues for this Iftar party in Bahrain. Our two histories go back many many years and it is a privilege to host an IFTAR marking the breaking of the daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan.” He went on to say; “The UK Naval Support Facility, given to the UK by the King of Bahrain, is an ideal facility to hold events and support the UK personnel serving in the Kingdom of Bahrain”.