Since 18 May 2019, CTF 152 has been coordinating the activities of over 25 naval and coastguard vessels from contributing nations of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) operating in the Arabian Gulf.  CMF is a 33 nation coalition and an enduring global maritime partnership of willing nations.  All participating states have a common aim in ensuring the free flow of commerce and providing security and stability in the maritime environment.  This is achieved by conducting a range of Maritime Security       Operations (MSO).

Vice Admiral Malloy, Commander of CMF, said; “CTF 152 is demonstrating its ability to command and control an enhanced MSO in the international waters of the Arabian Gulf, specifically increasing communication and coordination with each other”.  He went onto say; “as agreed last week in a meeting at Fifth Fleet Headquarters in Manama Bahrain, ships from a wide range of CMF contributing nations will work in tight coordination to demonstrate an enhanced maritime security capability over a sustained period.”

Captain Mubarak Al-Sabah of the Kuwait Coast Guard and Commander CTF 152 said “The continued success of CMF relies upon the willingness of nations to contribute and work together to create a stabilising effect throughout the region. The strength of CMF is its diversity, bringing varied expertise, assets and experience to further improve maritime security in the region.”