COMMANDER Combined Task Force 152 (CTF 152) visited the Headquarters of three of the military forces who are taking part in the forthcoming multinational exercise Falcon Response.  Captain Alfodary, Kuwait Coast Guard (KGC), visited Saudi Border Guard Eastern Command (SBG-EC), Royal Saudi Naval Force Headquarters and Damman Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (DMRCC). The visits were in preparation of the forthcoming CTF 152 organized exercise.



Captain Alfodary called upon Rear Admiral Ali Albelwi, Commander SBG-EC, at his base in Saudi Arabia. While at the headquarters, he also met Rear Admiral Jama’an Alzahrani SBG-EC Deputy Commander, and Cdre Khaled Alshehri, the Operations Commander. Captain Alfodary had a tour of the facilities, discussed the Border Guards’ proposed role in the future exercise and further opportunities for mutual cooperation.

The forthcoming exercise will include participants from the Kingdom of Saudi Araba, Kuwait and Qatar Coast Guard and Navy as well as assets from US CTF 55. Personnel from the Saudi Rescue Coordination Centre will also be involved in the four day exercise and will be responsible for communication and coordination of the search and rescue elements.


CAPT Saleh Alfodary with CTF 152 shwoing the Area of Operation Map

Captain Alfodary said “I want to thank all the countries who are due to be involved in the forthcoming exercise.  Having the Kingdom of Saudi Araba, Kuwait and Qatar Coast Guard and Navy as well as surface assets from US CTF 55 in this exercise makes everything realistic. The information flow will be challenging and complicated. We will hopefully learn a lot during the four days and that will help us to be more efficient the future.”

Finally, Captain Alfodary visited the Royal Saudi Naval Force base. He met Rear Admiral Mohamed Althunyan, Eastern Fleet Deputy Commander, and Commander Ahman Albrikan, Eastern Fleet Operations Commander. The aim of the engagement was to discuss opportunities for Royal Saudi Navy Forces to work with CTF 152, in particular, the possibility of conducting Joint Patrols in the future and how information sharing can be enhanced.

Radm Mohamed
RADM Mohamed Althunayan & CAPT Saleh Alfodary at Royal Saudi Naval Force

After two days and three visits, much was achieved by Captain Alfodary: “It was very useful to meet the Commanders of some of the participants in Exercise Falcon Response and also some of those in charge of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Naval Forces. We work closely with our neighbor Saudi Arabia and it is good to discuss interoperability opportunities so we can both contribute to Maritime Security in the Gulf in the best possible way.”