Commander Combined Task Force (CTF) 152 Captain Alfodary, Kuwait Coast Guard, visited RFA Cardigan Bay, Qatar Coast Guard Ship 807 and HMS DRAGON. He was afloat for just 48 hours during which he discussed future tasking for all three ships while they are under Direct Support to his Task Force.


Captain Alfodary and crew visiting the bridge on the Qatar Coast Guard Vessel 807

Captain Anders Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA), said: “I was delighted to meet Captain Alfodary and discuss the collaborative work we have planned for the future. It is important to all of us in the business of maritime security that we work together. It was also a great honor to meet a mariner who has such experience of operating in this part of the world.”

While on board the Captain had a tour of the ship and familiarised himself with RFA Cardigan Bay’s capabilities, focusing on how the ship can support his Task Force. Captain Alfodary said: “This is my first time on board RFA Cardigan Bay while she has been at sea. She is a great mother ship for Command and Control, in her role supporting the Mine Hunters and working with CTF 152 assets including the Qatar Coast Guard. It is very important for my staff to receive reports from navy assets at sea about how other mariners are operating in the Gulf. We call this ‘pattern of life’ and it helps us with our maritime security mission. The Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary have contributed significantly with the support that they have given the Task Force.”


Captain Anders (RFA), Captain White (COMUKMCMFOR) discussing support with the CTF152’s crew including Captain Alfodary.

RFA Cardigan Bay undertook a PASSEX with the Qatar Coast Guard (QCG) 807 overnight. Here ships communicate with each other and it is the military’s way of shaking hands with each other. Captain Alfodary then transferred by boat to the QCG vessel to discuss future work with RFA Cardigan Bay. Captain Alfodary said: “Qatar Coast Guard gave us six days of direct support. They undertook a PASSEX for five hours alongside RFA Cardigan Bay. The small unit conducted themselves in a professional manner even though the weather was rough. RFA Cardigan Bay and QCG 807 worked as one team. It was outstanding to see.”

HMS Dragon was the final ship in Captain Alfodary’s busy schedule. She has been operating in the waters of Middle East for around four months now. Captain Alfodary said: “It is lovely to be back on board HMS Dragon. Three months ago she was new to the area; in that time, she has conducted operations and supported all of Combined Maritime Forces’ (CMF) Task Forces, CTF 150 responsible for maritime security in the Middle East, CTF 151 conducting anti-piracy missions in the area around the Gulf of Aden and CTF 152. I was so happy to be on board, to catch up with friends including the Commanding Officer, Commander Carter Quinn.”

Commanding Officer of HMS Dragon getting a visit on the bridge from Captain Alfodary and team

With four boat transfers and three ships in the space of just 48 hours, it was a very useful period of leader engagement for the Commander of CTF 152. It was also very beneficial for the crews and Commands of the assets involved to show off their capabilities to the visiting Captain. They demonstrated some of their expertise and also that they are on watch 24/7 ensuring that they perform at the highest levels, keeping the waters of the Gulf safe.