Commodore Hassan Alsharani of the Royal Saudi Navy and Commander of CTF150, CMF’s counter-terrorist force, has held a series of important meetings with key regional leaders for talks about further operations to increase maritime security.

Cdre Alsharani discussed further interoperability with the Pakistan Navy’s Director General Rear Admiral Abdulbasset Butt, saying: “It was a positive meeting to increase the cooperation between CTF150 and the Pakistan Navy.” The Pakistan Navy will continue to support CMF with staff and ships.

20181119-CTF150 PAK KLE 1

Rear Admiral Abdulbasset Butt (left) exchange gifts with Commodore Hassan Alsharani, CCTF150 at the CMF HQ in Bahrain.

20181119-CTF150 PAK KLE 2

This was followed with consultations with the Seychelles’ Chief of Defence Forces Brigadier Leopold Payet at the Regional Operation Coordination Centre to provide MPRA in direct support to CMF Operations, especially during Focussed Operations in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. They also discussed improving information sharing to increase situational awareness.

20181119-CTF150 SEY KLE

Commodore Alsharani with military leaders from the Seychelles Regional Operations Coordination Centre.

During an office call with Deputy Chief of UAE Naval Forces Cdre Abdullah Alshehee, Cdre Alsharani talked about strengthening the relationship between UAE and CMF and discussed using some of their units to support CMF operations. Significant progress was also made in enabling more UAE Navy sailors to attend training courses on classified information sharing systems, thereby improving the UAE’s ability to communicate with CMF.

20181119-CTF150 UAE KLE

Cdre Alsharani meets with the Deputy Chief of UAE Naval Forces, Cdre Abdullah Alshehee.