On 11 November 2017, ships from the Combined Maritime Forces conducted a ‘visit, boarding, search, and seizure’ training exercise under the direction of the Commander Combined Task Force (CCTF)151, Captain Almannaei of the Royal Bahrain Navy. The exercise took place in the Gulf of Aden, adjacent to the Maritime Security Transit Corridor, demonstrating the task force’s professional and highly effective capability.

Pakistan Navy Ships (PNS) TARIQ and ZULFIQUAR conducted a variety of training evolutions that reinforced collective tactics, procedures and quick information sharing designed to deter, deny and suppress piracy in the region.  Activities included boarding exercises on PNS ZULFIQUAR, which simulated a Merchant Vessel “MUYAYO” that was carrying dangerous cargo, with PNS TARIQ as a Coalition warship. Captain Almannaei stated: “This training provides professionalism to the boarding parties with ongoing opportunities to maintain their skill and proficiency. There are immense benefits in training in the environment and area in which they are deployed.”

Conducting these exercises reassures transiting merchant vessels, fishing fleets and local communities that there is a strong and capable presence working to deter, detect and disrupt any potential acts of piracy. CCTF 151, Captain Almannaei said, “Our presence ensures that suspected pirates know that these boarding crews are highly trained and prepared for any contingency.”