While patrolling at sea on 5 November 2017, Republic of Korea (ROK) Ship CHUNGMUGONG YISUNSHIN, which has only recently begun operating as part of CTF150, received an urgent call for help from an Iranian fishing boat. One of the boat’s crew members had badly injured his hand while operating the vessel’s machinery, and was in desperate need of medical treatment. The CHUNGMUGONG promptly responded, with CTF150 directing the ship to proceed to provide immediate assistance.

20171107_CTF 150_SOLAS_Pic1

The medical team from CHUNGMUGONG boarded the fishing boat with all the required medical equipment. Once on board they immediately set to work treating the injured crew member, who required urgent surgery and pain relief, all of which was within the capabilities of the highly trained ROK medical personnel. This timely and effective intervention helped to avoid the injured crew member suffering further, potentially even more serious, medical complications at sea.

20171107_CTF150_SOLAS_PIC2_Med Team

Once the injured crew member had been treated, the fishing vessel’s crew expressed their gratitude to the ROK sailors for their invaluable assistance. The incident highlights the great work continually being carried out by all of CMF’s expert forces, alongside their maritime security mission, in support of local fishing communities and other mariners. For CHUNGMUGONG, the crew’s exemplary efforts on this occasion made for a particularly auspicious start to her work as a member of CTF150.