Gulf Coopertion Council (GCC) warships, crews and command staffs of Combined Task Force (CTF) 152 recently demonstrated their high readiness in multinational Exercise Falcon Warrior.

Conducting a variety of coordinated ship manoeuvers and boarding exercises over a number of days, CTF152 showed their impressive maritime flexibility and close multinational operating skills in a series of linked actions in the Arabian Gulf. Comprising ships from across the navies of the Gulf Cooperation Council nations, CTF152 continues to develop its capability and professionalism with support from the wider Combined Maritime Forces based in Bahrain.

CTF152 is currently commanded by Colonel Adbelkader Almarahleh, Royal Jordanian Navy, who will shortly be handing over Command to the Royal Saudi Arabia Navy. Commenting on the success of Exercise Falcon Warrior, Col Almarahleh said: “CTF 152’s mission is to ensure Maritime Security within the Arabian Gulf, the responsibility for achieving this mission does not lie with a single nation but it requires a collaborative effort.

“Exercise Falcon Warrior has been an excellent demonstration of nations working together in order to ensure security within the Arabian Gulf. This two week exercise involved personnel from 11 different nations as well as ships and aircraft from New Zealand and America. I am immensely proud to Command CTF 152, this is a special organization with a very important role.”