CMF’s Senior National Representatives (SNRs) have been hosted to ship visits and receptions in Bahrain on board the French Ship Jean Bart and the Pakistan Navy Ship Alamgir, coinciding with the recent Change of Command of CTF 150 from France to Pakistan.

20170829-FS_Jean_Bart_CMF_Staff_Visit-UCMF Senior Naval Representatives on board French Ship Jean Bart

 Jean Bart is a Cassard-class anti-air frigate of the French Marine Nationale. She is the eighth vessel of the French Navy named after the privateer Jean Bart and was commissioned on 3 March 1991. FS Jean Bart is very familiar with CMF’s work and has been deployed to support CMF operations in recent years. Members of FS Jean Bart’s crew have also previously served in the CMF staff headquarters.

Like FS Jean Bart, PNS Alamgir is also no stranger to CMF’s area of operations and has been active in a variety of deployments over the years since she entered service with the Pakistan Navy in early 2011. With a ship’s company of 15 officers and 190 sailors, together with the ability to embark two helicopters, PNS Alamgir contributes a valuable and flexible capability to CMF operations in the region.

PNS_Alamgir_CMF_Staff_VisitCMF Senior Naval Representatives on board Pakistani NS Alamgir

The CMF SNRs were given insights into Alamgir’s various impressive systems and deployment record across a range of CMF regional operations over the years. This was followed by an evening of traditional Pakistan hospitality, at which CMF Commander, Vice Adm. Kevin Donegan and CMF Deputy Commander, Commodore Steve Dainton, along with key ambassadors as well as other diplomatic and governmental guests, were also present.

Opportunities to build relationships between officers and crews of the ships undertaking CMF operations and CMF command staff based ashore in Bahrain are always especially valuable. By deepening the understanding of individual national naval working practices and specific vessel capabilities, ship visits help to increase operational effectiveness and future planning among CMF’s diverse 31 nation partnership.