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2020 Maritime Security Conference

The Combined Maritime Forces hosted the annual Maritime Security Conference (MSC) on July 14 2020.

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What is the Maritime Security Conference?

The Maritime Security Conference (MSC) is an annual conference hosted by the Combined Maritime Forces at its headquarters in Bahrain.

Each year, the conference hosts partners from across the globe, including our 33 member nations, to discuss maritime security, and how CMF will continue its mission to counter illicit non-state actors from engaging in piracy, drugs and weapons smuggling, people trafficking, illegal fishing and terrorism in the region.

Who attended?

Due to the global pandemic, this year’s MSC was different to previous events; we hosted some regional members in our headquarters in Bahrain, while the majority of attendees joined via a secure video link from their home nation.

Senior Representatives from our partners attended the Conference, including Heads of Navies, General Officers and Flag Officers, to take part in discussions about the continuing importance of the CMF partnership for maintaining maritime security and deterring illicit activity by non-state actors in the region.

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Maritime Security Conference 2020

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