Combined Maritime Forces (CMF)

A 32-nation naval partnership


Industry Releasable Threat Assessments (IRTAs) are issued quarterly by CMF and EU NAVFOR. The quarterly IRTAs are supplemented by Industry Releasable Threat Bulletins (IRTBs), which are issued when necessary or appropriate. IRTBs provide rapid and responsive information to the maritime industry.

IRTAs and IRTBs are intended to inform risk management decision making for shipping operators responsible for merchant vessels that are transiting through the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman and the Western Indian Ocean. IRTAs and IRTBs are released to a limited distribution and are available via registering at or via the relevant national authorities of CMF partner nations.

The following IRTAs and IRTBs have been released to date:

IRTA 001 – 1 December 2017
IRTB 001 – 7 December 2017
IRTB 002 – 15 December 2017
IRTB 003 – 8 January 2018