CTF-151 Commander Commodore (Cdre) Abdul Munib SI (M) recently held a video teleconference with the Commander of EUNAVFOR’s Task Force-465 (TF-465), Commodore Diogo Arroteia.

While Cdre Munib was at CMF HQ in Bahrain, Cdre Arroteia was operating from the Spanish frigate Reina Sofía, as they actively conduct counter-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia. Cdre Munib thanked Cdre Arroteia for his continuous support in providing TF-465 ships and maritime patrol aircraft; “We have been supporting each other well out at sea to maintain our force flow and respond to maritime security events. We need to maintain this coordination in the future as well.”

Commodore Munib discusses opportunities for future collaboration with his EUNAVFOR counterpart. (Photo: MC2 (SW) Jordan Crouch US Navy)

“Together, we need to keep our guard up for any suspicious activity out at sea and relay information to all stakeholders; the area of operations is big, and working in collaboration is key to conducting effective patrols independently,” he added.

After assuming command of the CTF-151 on behalf of the Pakistan Navy in December 2020, Cdre Munib is keen to build on the relationship between the two groups, suggesting future joint Focused Operations to further enhance interoperability and build capacity through shared training. This partnership-led way of working feeds directly into the CTF 151 mission to deter, disrupt and suppress piracy at sea, and send a powerful message of reassurance to the merchant maritime community.

Commodore Arroteia highlighted a new mandate, changing the executive and non-executive task distribution of TF-465 (Photo: MC2 (SW) Jordan Crouch US Navy)

Additionally, Cdre Arroteia highlighted a new TF-465 mandate. Under this new arrangement, the non-executive tasks of TF-465 will include countering illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing; and further activity countering drugs, weapons, and charcoal trafficking. Executive tasks will include countering illegal drugs and weapons trafficking. Cdre Munib acknowledged that these adjustments are a welcome improvement and important steps to increase maritime domain awareness, resulting in a more efficient counter-piracy mission.