The Senior Enlisted members of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) had the pleasure of hosting the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chiefs of Staff Committee (SEAC) from the United Kingdom, WO1 Glenn Haughton.

The event, which was attended by Senior Enlisted Leaders from many different nations and service organizations including Navy, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, Marines, and Border Guard personnel, was an opportunity for multinational partners to hear a great message from a leader with over 30 years of service who has operated at the highest levels of the Senior Enlisted Continuum.

Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) senior enlisted leadership representatives pose for a photo during an enlisted leadership
development forum on board Naval Support Activity Bahrain, Nov. 6. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. William Gore)

Previously the first appointed British Army Sergeant Major – the Army’s highest enlisted position – he was appointed by the Chiefs of Staff Committee as the first SEAC, becoming the highest ranking enlisted member in the UK’s Armed Forces. WO1 Haughton described his definition of leadership as “caring for your people”, and used this as the basis of a discussion on “Reliable Leadership”, a methodology that he consistently champions.

WO1 Haughton spoke on his experiences with work-life balance and his role as the designated Armed Forces Mental Health and Wellbeing Champion, having a vested interest in the general institutional health of the Armed Forces. He discussed the underlying and widespread “stigma” associated with mental health and how the image that anyone in the Armed Forces must be tough means that seeking help is often perceived as a sign of weakness. His personal stories showed that even at the highest of levels, things like stress, anxiety, and mental health can strike, and he asserted that we must encourage others to seek help while campaigning against these stigmas.

Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) senior enlisted leadership representatives attend a talk with UK SEAC during an enlisted leadership development forum on board Naval Support Activity Bahrain, Nov. 6. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. William Gore)

The event began with lunch hosted by CMC Lucas Pullen, the Command Senior Enlisted Leader for CMF and was attended by numerous Master Chiefs and Chiefs or country equivalents from around the world. Four nominative level Senior Enlisted Leaders attended including the SEAC; CMDCM Franklin “Spike” Call, U. S. Navy Fifth Fleet Command Master Chief; SGM Misitupa Tueichi, Sergeant Major, Naval Amphibious Forces TF-51/5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (51/5); and CMC Pullen of CMF, as well as other units located in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Countries represented included France, Italy, Canada, Turkey, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Germany, and the Netherlands.

CMC Pullen hopes to continue hosting Senior Enlisted Leaders in similar forums as well as partnering with WO1 Haughton in the future to hold facilitative discussions with junior members via online conferencing platforms.  Additionally, the Senior Enlisted workforce of CMF is collaborating to develop indoctrination courses and enlisted professional development type courses for working in a multinational environment.