Four students from the United Arab Emirates Naval Force completed the one-week training course provided by officers from CTF 152 and held at the headquarters in Bahrain.  Upon graduation, the UAE Officers were presented with a CENTRIXS Course Completion Certificate.

In line with the visions of the Commander of the Combined Maritime Forces, and based on the guidance of the Commander of CTF 152, the CENTRIXS course provides training to maritime partners to ensure the ability for forces to communicate over secure means.  This allows for better communication and coordination between maritime operations centers throughout the Gulf region.  It also facilitates interoperability between nations, enhancing their ability to conduct maritime security operations in the region.

CDR Omar Al-Alodat said: “I am pleased with the degree of excellence and professionalism shown by the graduates during their coursework. Increasing the number of personnel who can communicate securely helps connect regional partners together in the ongoing work to keep the Gulf safe and secure for all legitimate mariners.”