Today CMF hosted the 2020 Maritime Security Conference with representatives attending both in person and virtually from across the globe.

The Maritime Security Conference is an annual event hosted at the CMF headquarters in Bahrain. This year’s MSC was different due to the global health pandemic with most participants joining via video conferencing, in order to mitigate contracting and spreading COVID-19.

“We may not all be meeting in person, as we’re acclimating to new norms for meetings and how we communicate, but the participation of 34 member nations and partners is proof of our shared commitment to maritime security and freedom of navigation,” said Vice Admiral Jim Malloy, commander of CMF.

Established in 2001, CMF is comprised of nations united by the desire to uphold the International Rules Based Order in the maritime environment. 

“From 12 nations and one mission, to 33 nations and three missions, each new member and each year brings greater capacities, strength and commitment to our coalition,” said Vice Admiral Malloy. 

“CMF continues to stand out as a shining example of a true coalition of the willing – formed around and dedicated to the ideals of promoting and defending maritime security – and protecting and allowing for legitimate trade and commerce.”  

The senior representatives present at the conference, who included Heads of Navies, General Officers and Flag Officers, discussed the continuing importance of the coalition’s partnership for maintaining maritime security and deterring illicit activity by non-state actors in the region. 

“We are once more at the forefront of discussions focused on building together greater capacities, strength and the commitment to ensure our forces remain scalable, flexible and responsive, to an increasingly complex, diverse and dynamic operating environment,” said Commodore Dean Bassett, deputy commander of CMF.