Rear Admiral Byeong-Ju Yu ROKN, Commander Combined Task Force 151 (CTF 151) visited the Seychelles to hold key engagement meetings with senior military figures from the Seychelles People’s Defence Force (SPDF) and from the National Information Sharing Coordination Centre (NISCC).

20190812_Commander CTF151 meets military leaders from the SPDF
Commander CTF151 meets military leaders from the SPDF.

At these meetings Rear Admiral Yu reaffirmed the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) continued commitment and support to the region. They also discussed their perspectives and understanding of the regional maritime security situation. His first meeting was a group discussion with the Commander of the SPDF Colonel Clifford Roseline; the Chief of Staff from the SPDF, Colonel Michael Rosette; the Commander of the Seychelles Coast Guard, Colonel Simon Dine and the Commander of the Seychelles Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Michael Pouponneau.

20190812_Rear Admiral Yu with SPDF....
Rear Admiral Yu with SPDF.

“These meetings confirm the importance the Combined Maritime Forces puts on our relationship with the Seychelles and how much we appreciate and value their continuing contribution. They also give us the opportunity to discuss further cooperation and capacity building in our shared aim of combating piracy at sea to provide a secure maritime environment for all.”

The second meeting was with the Director of the NISCC, Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Benoiton, where the enhanced sharing of information between CMF and the Seychelles was discussed as an important means of combating piracy.

20190812_CCTF151 meets the Director of the NISCC
CCTF151 meets the Director of the NISCC.

The Seychelles has provided permanent support to CMF since 2014, both in terms of personnel and with their Maritime Patrol Reconnaissance Aircraft. They have also provided ships to support combined exercises held in their territorial waters.