Dr Zafer Alajmi addressed an audience of the supporting nations of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) on the topic of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Security at the invitation of Combined Task Force (CTF) 152.

CMF comprises 33 nations who work together to protect the free flow of trade and commerce through conducting Maritime Security Operations. The strength of CMF is its diversity, bringing varied expertise, assets and experience together to further improve maritime security in the region.


Dr Alajmi with members of CTF 152

Dr Alajmi has a PhD in Arabian Gulf Security and is a member of the Gulf Monitoring Group. Speaking to an audience of over 100 people, he addressed several topics regarding the relationship between the GCC, Iran, the USA and other multinational organisations, including how countries can work together to continue to respond to the changing environment.

Dr Alajmi addreses an audience of CTF 152 and CMF members comprised of 33 nations

CMF operates three task forces including CTF 152, which is currently led to by the Kuwait Coast Guard. This task force is responsible for maritime security within the Gulf, as well as building cooperation between GCC nations and the wider CMF.

Captain Mubarak Al-Sabah, Commanding Officer of CTF 152 said: “CTF 152 helps to connect all maritime agencies from the top to the bottom of the Gulf. It is invaluable to us in CMF and CTF 152 to understand the complexity of the situation with Iran and the GCC to ensure the free flow of commerce in this region. Having Dr Alajmi speak has helped our understanding in both a military and a political context.”

Speaking after the event, Dr Alajmi said: “I am very proud to see the young Kuwaiti officers running such an important Combined Task Force and fulfilling their mission in Gulf security. A lot of people don’t know the responsibilities on their shoulders. Thank you for the warm welcome and the opportunity to address you all.”