FOR the first time in 17 years of Combined Maritime History (CMF) history, two of the three Combined Task Forces (CTFs) changed commands on the same day.

Outgoing CTF 152, Outgoing CTF 151, Vice Admiral Malloy, Incoming CTF 151, Incoming CTF 152

The ceremony was presided over by Vice Admiral J. Malloy, USN, Commander Combined Maritime Forces based in Bahrain. He noted the extraordinary commitment of Kuwaiti Military Forces and support to the wider maritime security of the region.

Admiral Malloy said: “CMF’s mission is inclusive; it secures the maritime for all legitimate commerce and trade, is enduring, defensive, collaborative and universally beneficial to all CMF nations. All CTFs share a common theme of promoting and defending maritime security in this critical region, a common theme that all responsible nations share across the globe.”

CoC_outgoing 152
Outgoing CTF 152 Task Force Team with Vice Admiral Malloy

On the completion of the current Kuwaiti led missions Admiral Malloy said: “The achievements of all leaders and staffs of the CTFs 151 and 152 are both numerous and impressive. I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to serve alongside you.” Malloy went onto say: “Today we welcome Captain Alajmi of the Kuwait Naval Forces as the new commander of CTF 151 and Captain Alsabah, of the Kuwait Coast Guard, the new commander of CTF-152. Both Captains are proven mariners and commanders and I am honored to have you in command.”

CoC_outgoing 151
Outgoing CTF 151 Task Force Team with Vice Admiral Malloy

Captain Alrashidi, took command of CTF 151 on 30th September 2018. And after 5 months of successful counter-piracy operations from the Southern Red Sea, through the Gulf of Aden and into the Western Indian Ocean, there were no successful incidences of piracy ensuring the freedom of navigation and free flow of commerce across the region.

CoC_incoming 152
Incoming CTF 152 Task Force Team with Vice Admiral Malloy

The new Commander of CTF 151, Captain Alajmi, takes over command of this successful counter-piracy operation and will continue to build cooperation and collaboration across the region which has kept piracy repressed in recent years. In taking command, Captain Alajmi said: “It is a great honor that I will take forward the command of CTF 151 and build on my predecessors’ successes across the region”

CoC_incoming 151
Incoming CTF 151 Task Force Team with Vice Admiral Malloy

Captain Alfodary, Kuwait Coast Guard (KCG), took command of CTF 152 on 6th September 2018, over 5 months ago. During his tenure the Kuwait Coast Guard conducted two focused operations including 16 ships and eight observes from eight different countries on focused operation SABAH, ensuring capacity building in the maritime environment to maintain, Maritime Security Operations (MSO) and counter-illicit activities. During his address at the Change of Command ceremony, Captain Alfodary personally thanked Admiral Malloy for his leadership and guidance before thanking his staff for their commitment and professionalism throughout the last 5 months.

CoC_Team picture
CTF 151 and 152 Kuwait Navy and Kuwait Coast Guard Group photo

The new commander of CTF 152, Captain Alsabah, KCG, takes over command to continue the coordination of information sharing activities with regional partners, MSO and remaining prepared to respond to any crisis that may develop. After taking command, Captain Alsabah said: “It gives me a great sense of pride to assume command of CTF 152 on behalf of the Kuwait Coast Guard especially as we prepare to celebrate the 28th anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation on the 26th of February.” In concluding, Captain Alsabah said: “I thank Admiral Malloy and Rear Admiral Alamiri, Commander Kuwait Coast Guard for this privileged opportunity to enhance regional maritime security and cooperation here in the Gulf.”


CTF 151 Mission Statement

In accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolutions, and in cooperation with CMF coastal states, CTF 151’s mission is to deter and disrupt piracy and armed robbery at sea and to engage with regional and other partners to build capacity and improve relevant capabilities in order to protect global maritime commerce and secure freedom of navigation.

CTF 151 was established in January 2009 with a specific counter-piracy mission-based mandate, currently endorsed under UNSCR 2316. They work with other coalition forces such as EU NAVFOR – Operation Atalanta.

CTF 152 Mission Statement

Established in March 2004, CTF 152 is one of three task forces operated by Combined Maritime Forces (CMF). CTF 152 enhances regional naval cooperation in the Gulf, especially between GCC nations.

CTF 152 operates in the Gulf where it coordinates the sharing of information with regional partners, conducts MSO, and remains prepared to respond to any crisis that may develop.

The Task Force also operates to protect key maritime infrastructure, including oil platforms, from a terrorist threat. CTF 152 operations influence events ashore as terrorist groups and others seeking to undermine maritime security or conduct other unlawful activity are denied the freedom to conduct activities to further their cause.