Commander Combined Task Force 151 (CTF 151), Rear Admiral Daisuke Kajimoto, Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF), as part of Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) has just completed an engagement visit to Islamabad where he met key members of the Pakistan Navy in order to reinforce counter-piracy coordination.

Rear Admiral Kajimoto spent 3 days in Pakistan, during which he visited the Vice Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Kaleem Shaukat and the Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Operations), Rear Admiral Faisal Lodhi to discuss the coordination of counter-piracy activities in the Gulf of Aden.  Rear Admiral Kajimoto said: “We are extremely grateful for the continuous support of Pakistan Navy units in assuring the security of this important region, particularly since they have been a core component of CTF 151, providing both staff and units from its formation in 2009”.  Further discussions were conducted with Rear Admiral Ovais Bilgrami, Additional Secretary-III, Ministry of Defence.


Training and exercises are important components in the development of counter-piracy operations and Rear Admiral Kajimoto took the opportunity to discuss the matter with Rear Admiral Muhammad Shuaib, Director General of Joint Warfare and Training who stated “Maritime security is a collective effort that requires effective coordination, we should therefore take every opportunity to train with our partners”.

Having commanded CTF 151 in early 2017, Rear Admiral Shuaib also shared his experiences in coordinating multinational counter-piracy operations and stressed the requirement for efficient information sharing in order to make the most out of the assets available.


In addition to the office calls, Rear Admiral Kajimoto conducted a tour of the Pakistan National Monument and museum.  This provided him with a greater appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan and additional context to Pakistan’s commitment to maritime security.


CCTF151 then continued his engagement program with a visit to Saudi Arabia’s Western Fleet and Ministry of Defence with the aim of develop maritime security operations in the Red Sea.