Commander Combined Task Force 151 RADM Tatsuya Fukuda engages with the Djibouti Minister for Defence Ali Hassan Bahdon and other key members of the Djibouti Armed Forces in a series of Key Leadership Engagements (KLEs) with counter-piracy stakeholders in the region.

Mr Bahdon said: “If this region is not stable it will spread around the world. Piracy has decreased but is not eradicated.

“CTF151’s presence and efforts are very important and welcome”.

The engagement reinforces the commitment of CTF151 and Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) in working closely with stakeholders in the Gulf of Aden to maintain safe navigation for all.

Djibouti Minister and RADM Fukuda

Image: RADM Fukuda giving Minister Bahdon a CTF151 wooden plaque.

RADM Fukuda also met with the Commandant of Camp Lemonnier, the Commander of Combined Joint Task Force (Horn of Africa), Commander of the German/Spanish Aviation detachment, and Japanese Self-Defence Forces (JSDF) staff based in Djibouti.

CTF151 staff with JSDF personnel

Image: RADM Fukuda with some of his CTF151 staff meet JSDF personnel stationed in Djibouti.

The Japanese Deployment Air Force for Counter-Piracy Enforcement (DAPE) and Deployment Support Group for Counter-Piracy Enforcement Forces (DGPE) operate P3-C surveillance sorties over the Horn of Africa in support of CTF151’s Counter Piracy efforts and are based out of Djibouti.

The visit was also an opportunity for RADM Fukuda and his staff to meet with officers and crew of JS Kirisame which was in port in Djibouti. JS Kirisame is currently deployed for Counter-Piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden.

RADM Fukuda and JS Kirisame staff

Image: RADM Fukuda interatcs with staff from JS Kirisame.

Prior to his visit to Djibouti, RADM Fukuda and his CTF151 staff visited European Union Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) Somalia. Discussion focused on capability and cooperation between the two counter-piracy organisations.

RADM Fukuda and Col Cantrill (EUNAVFOR)

Image: RADM Fukuda meets Col Richard Cantrill OBE MC, Chief of Staff of EUNAVFOR.

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