Rear Admiral Cheong passes over command of CTF 151 to Rear Admiral Nam Dong Woo

The Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy has taken command of Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Combined Task Force (CTF) 151 after conducting a handover ceremony with the Republic of Singapore Navy. CTF 151’s principal mission is to suppress piracy in the maritime environment.

Rear Admiral Nam Dong Woo, of the ROK Navy, assumed command of CTF 151 from Rear Admiral Ken Cheong, of the Republic of Singapore Navy, on 30 Jun 2016 at a ceremony at CMF headquarters in Bahrain.  He will lead a multi-national team for four months of counter-piracy operations.

CTF 151 is committed to the disruption of piracy and armed robbery in the maritime environment. Its vessels also assist mariners in distress and other humanitarian work as required.  For the last three months, under the command of the Republic of Singapore Navy, CTF 151 has been working to deter pirates and smugglers from using the seas as an avenue to gain from crime and illicit activity.

On handing over command Rear Admiral Cheong said: “I am honoured to have been the fourth commander from the Republic of Singapore Navy to have completed the command tenure of CTF 151.  The success of my command is fully dedicated to the diligence, dedication and sacrifice of all who served under my command.  I salute the 61 men and women of the CTF 151 HQ, including 12 international officers from 10 nations, the 12 warships and one aircraft detachment that contributed their services during my tenure.  Our success was also enabled by the unyielding support from CMF and other counter piracy partners in the region.  I am proud to have served here, and of all we have achieved in our common Rear Admiral Nam Dong Woo will continue to achieve success as he takes command of CTF 151.”

On assuming command, Rear Admiral Nam Dong Woo said it was a privilege to lead the Korean CTF 151 command rotation. He acknowledged the successes of Rear Admiral Cheong’s team, both at sea and in their active engagement with regional nations.

Rear Admiral Nam Dong Woo said: “I will focus my leadership to co-ordinate with other CTFs to contribute to the maritime security operations”

He added: “I assure you that CTF151 under my leadership will successfully accomplish any given mission”

The incoming and outgoing CTF 151s