CCTF 151. Rear Admiral Ken Cheong receives a welcome token from CO Wang Geon CAPT Yang Seung Ryong - 1
Rear Admiral Cheong receives a welcome token from the CO of Wang Geon, Captain Yang Seung Ryong

Commander Combined Task Force 151 (CCTF 151), Rear Admiral Ken Cheong RSN, carried out Key Leadership Engagement (KLE) with the Republic of Korea recently.

Rear Admiral Cheong, of the Republic of Singapore Navy, made his first KLE visit to the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) ships Choe Yeong and Wang Geon at Mina Zayed Port, Abu Dhabi.

Choe Yeong began her journey to her home base in Korea and Wang Geon has come out to support CTF 151, which is focused on the disruption of piracy and armed robbery in the maritime environment.  The visit was hosted by the Commanding Officer of ROKS Wang Geon, Captain Yang Seung Ryong ROKN, with the Commanding Officer of Choe Yeong also in attendance. As part of the visit, Rear Admiral Cheong was given a tour of the ship and a discussion of the ship’s capabilities.

Rear Admiral Cheong took the opportunity to welcome ROKS Wang Geon to CMF and CTF 151 in particular, and also recognised the contributions made by ROKS Choe Yeong.  This meeting enhanced the mutual understanding around counter-piracy operations and emphasised the need for countries to work together as part of a multi-national naval partnership.

RADM Cheong expressed his confidence in ROKN ships stating they are highly regarded in CMF for their professionalism and willingness to respond to incidents.  At the same time, Captain Yang Seung Ryong talked about the ROKN’s commitment to CMF and protecting global maritime commerce.

The visit underscores the positive and professional relationship between CTF 151 and its units. Rear Admiral Cheong said: “ROKS Choe Yeong and ROKS Wang Geon are both magnificent ships with officers and crews of the highest standards. I am proud to serve with them as we achieve our common mission to ensure that the region is safe and secure.”

CCTF 151, Rear Admiral Ken Cheong presents a token of appreication to CO Choi Young, CAPT An Sang Min
Rear Admiral Cheong presents a token of appreciation to the Commanding Officer of ROKS Choe Yeong, Captain An Sang Min