COL Alasker meets with deputy head of the KSA CG

Colonel Alaskar (right) meets the Deputy Head of the KSA Coast Guard

Combined Task Force (CTF) 152 recently held Key Leadership Engagements (KLEs) with regional Coast Guards to build positive relationships and further interoperability.

Colonel Alaskar, the  Kuwaiti Commander of CTF 152 has held KLEs with the Deputy Heads of the Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian Coast Guards. The meetings were set up to build closer relationships between the different nations within the region to promote a safe and secure Arabian Gulf. These discussions also increase the task force’s ability to share information between the Gulf States, a key enabler to deter terrorist threats in the region.

During the meetings Colonel Alaskar discussed how the nations could continue to work together to counter illegal activities in the area. Lt Col Bani Ahmed Akram, the Jordanian Navy Chief of Staff for CTF 152 said: “By conducting maritime security patrols and operating together, as part of a combined task force, these capable ships act as a great deterrence against any potential illegal events.”

As well as discussing security operations, KLEs have provided an opportunity for the navies and Coast Guards to participate in multinational exercises throughout the year. Both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia took part CTF 152’s Search and Rescue Exercise in January and they will be joined by Iraq, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain when they take part in CTF 152’s Exercise Falcon Defenders later in the year.