CMF welcomes Ambassadors and National Representatives from CMF-contributing nations

Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) welcomed Ambassadors from 10 nations and representatives from 18 countries to US Navcent HQ to celebrate the partnership of the willing as CMF aims to further strengthen the relationship between the contributing nations.

The doors at CMF were opened and ambassadors and national representatives were welcomed for a number of presentations covering the work of CMF. The ambassadors were given the opportunity to ask questions on topics ranging from counter-terrorism to maritime security. This was followed by a tour of the base and conversations with serving members of CMF which allowed the ambassadors an insight into the valuable work of the CMF contributing nations.
USN Vice Admiral Donegan, the Commander of CMF, said: “What we have is a coalition where no one is obligated to do anything not in the interest of their nation. But what is unique about CMF is that it puts theory into practice. We have a methodology to deal with all issues, we get the job done, we find a way.”
Based in Bahrain, CMF operates three Combined Task Forces (CTFs) across nearly 3.2 million square miles of ocean, bordering 21 countries. Operating within international law, CMF achieves success through teamwork and bringing together the resources of many nations and working with international NGOs.
The British Ambassador, The Right Honourable Mr Simon Martin, said: “What has really struck me about today is the extent to which this joint effort to ensure the security of this region is giving rise to new levels of collaboration between different militaries and other diverse organisations.”
Lawrence Anderson, the Singaporean Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, added: “I found the presentations on the various maritime task forces very interesting and enlightening. The good work that the coalition does is significant in our fight against terrorism, piracy, and other illicit activities. Singapore is proud to be part of the successful efforts by CTF 151to combat piracy in the Gulf of Aden.”
The success of Ambassadors Day has led to plans for future events and ways to further develop the strong relationships of CMF and celebrate its continued achievements.