Combined Maritime Task Force 151 (CTF151) recently took part in Counter Piracy training operations alongside CTF 465 in the Gulf of Aden.

Picture 2
CTF 465, Commanding Officers of PNS Saif & ITS Carabinere

Pakistan Naval ship PNS Saif and Republic of Korea ship ROK Choi Young joined Italian ship Carabiniere to conduct counter piracy training operations in order to strengthen working relationships

The ships worked together in counter piracy operations, promoting mutual understanding, developing confidence, increasing cooperation and improving coordination between the units at a tactical level. These interactions have strengthened the relationship between the counter piracy partners and also improved coordination among units at tactical levels.

The combined exercises at sea provided an opportunity to rehearse tactical procedures and practice in ship handling skills. Units from different task forces, operating under the same motto “Ready Together”, shared their experiences and enhanced their interoperability in line with international practices.