The Japanese ship JS Suzunami, working for Combined Task Force (CTF) 151, recently undertook a dramatic medical emergency rescue at sea.

A medical emergency distress call was received from the MV Hawassan, which was transiting through the Indian Ocean. One of the crew members from India was experiencing severe chest pains and having difficulty breathing. Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), based in Bahrain, immediately coordinated a response to dispatch JS Suzunami to meet up with the MV Hawassa and offer medical assistance.

The Japanese SH-60K aircraft during the medical emergency on board MV Hawassa

The doctor from JS Suzunami was airlifted on board by SH-60K helicopter, where he was joined by the doctor from JS Makinami, which was also in the vicinity. After performing a thorough check-up, the medical team advised that the patient needed to be urgently evacuated to nearby Djibouti, in order to get further specialised medical assistance.

Medics attend to the casualty on the MV Hawassa

The swift response of the Japanese ships and of CTF 151 in support of CMF was praised by the Captain of MV Hawassa, who expressed both his gratitude for assistance and confidence in the support he had received.

The Pakistan-led CTF 151 conducts counter-piracy patrols under the command of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), which is a multinational naval partnership of 30 nations. CMF exists to promote security, stability and prosperity across approximately 3.2 million square miles of international waters, which encompass some of the world’s most important shipping lanes.