On 4 March 2015, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officials visited Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150) staff to discuss common challenges and mutual cooperation.

“CTF-150 and the RCMP share common objectives in maritime crime and security, especially the trafficking of narcotics, profits from which are known to fund terrorist organisations,” said Commodore Brian Santarpia from the Royal Canadian Navy and currently Commander of CTF-150. “Through mutual cooperation, collectively we can become more successful in stopping maritime crime at sea that support terrorist-related activity.”

RCMP_Visits_CTF150 Commander CTF-150, Commodore Brian Santarpia, meeting an RCMP representative to discuss mutual cooperation.

In executing its mission of deterring and disrupting maritime terrorist-related activity in the Middle East and Western Indian Ocean, CTF-150 regularly meets with regional partners to discuss maritime security interests and the establishment of a meaningful mutually beneficial relationship.

This visit of the RCMP complements regular interactions of CTF-150 with other law enforcement agencies operating in the region.

Over the past year, Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) has established a growing and meaningful relationship with the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the UK National Crime Agency and the Australian Federal Police through the establishment of a Regional Narcotics Interagency Fusion Cell.

This relationship has been critical to developing CTF-150 understanding of the threat, information flow across authorised agencies and even the task force procedures when boarding, searching and potentially seizing narcotics.