Exercise Falcon Response CTF 152


قوة الواجب المختلطة 152 بقيادة القوة البحرية الملكية الاردنية تستضيف وسائل الاعلام في المنطقةفي اليوم الاول لتنفيذ التمرين البحرين استجابة الصقر- سلامة الارواح في البحر

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CMF vists FS Forbin in Bahrain


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One Commanding Officer from CMF leaves his warship on a ship of the desert!

After nearly three years in command of the Royal Navy’s most capable warship, the Type 45 Destroyer HMS Daring, Commander Phil Dennis has just handed over to Commander Marcus Hember.

Gibraltar PHOTEXHMS Daring joined Combined Maritime Forces CTF 150 in October and has been working tirelessly in support of counter terrorism operations and maritime security operations ever since alongside the other 30 nations who represent CMF.

As he rode past the applauding sailors, Commander Dennis said, ” It has been my privilege to have been the Captain of HMS Daring and I hope that you are as proud of your efforts as I am of you.”

One of the many traditions on the Royal Navy is that when a commanding officer leaves his ship he does so in style! Normally, the ship’s company will try to organize a farewell that he or she will remember! We think you’ll agree that Commander Dennis will be talking about this departure for a very long time!

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Happy New Year Wishes from the Combined Maritime Forces


With its members ranging from New Zealand to the USA and time zones differing by 18 hours – it’s time for the Combined Maritime Forces to wish its 31 member nations, allies, supporting friends, families and serving personnel, past and present, a very Happy New Year 2017.

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Raring to go! Commander CTF 150 meets Commander Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa

Better late than never:  With a tonne of other CTF 150-related news to post up lately, this one is a little late, but it’s a goodie – from Camp Lemonnier, news (with picture) that Commodore Haydn Edmundson Royal Canadian Navy, met with US Army Major General Kurt Sonntag, Commander Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) while visiting Djibouti on 28 November 2016.

Visiting CJTF-HOA just before taking the driving seat of CTF 150, Cdre Edmundson discussed a range of topics with his counterpart before travelling on to Bahrain to take command of CTF 150 with his staff of 38, comprised of Canadian and Australian personnel. The Change of Command ceremony held in the presence of Vice Admiral Kevin Donegan Commander, Combined Maritime Forces in Bahrain on 16 December 2016 saw Pakistan turnover the 25-nation collective of contributing navies and 2 million square miles of CTF 150’s area of operation to the Canadian-led mission.

20161230_CTF150 meets CJTF HOA Nov 28.jpegImage and text content credit: CJTF-HOA PAO

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CTF 152 and CTF 150 Talk Turkey

Today’s photo of the day is of Commander, CTF 152 Colonel Adbelkader Almarahleh Royal Jordanian Navy hosting his Combined Maritime Forces CTF 150 counterpart Commodore Haydn Edmundson Royal Canadian Navy, at the CTF 152 headquarters in Bahrain.

Discussion topics included increasing collaboration between the two task forces and exploring opportunities for future operations.


استقبل قائد القوة حفظ الواجب المشتركة (CTF 152) العقيد عبدالقادر المراحلة من القوة البحرية الملكية الاردنية قائد قوة حفظ الواجب المشتركة(CTF150) العقيد هايدن ادمونسون من البحرية الكندية وذلك في مقر القيادة بمملكة البحرين. خلال المقابلة قام الطرفان مناقشة سبل تطوير التعاون وإمكانية تنفيد عمليات مشتركة بين القيادتين.

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Pakistan’s Commodore Shuaib to Seychelles – maintaining relationships, building cooperation with Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) key regional partner


Commander CTF 151 Commodore Muhammed Shuaib SI(M) Pakistan Navy made an official visit to the Seychelles between 30 November and 2 December 2016 to conduct high level engagement with several senior defence and government officials.

Find out more and view our latest photo story either on the Combined Maritime Forces Facebook page or direct at https://spark.adobe.com/page/sVaEGmKkSuDH3/.

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